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Wednesday, 27th Jun, 2012

Vadodara, to me.

A city. A city that embraces positivity. When I first arrived in the city and stepped down from the bus, I had so many doubts. So many events trying to compete in my mind to convince me of their occurrence! I was waiting there, barely bearing the burden of thoughts. My buddy, a heart-core Barodian, arrived with a broad smile on the face. That, kind of relieved me from torture of my doubts and thoughts. The new place gives a feeling of uneasiness and little anxiety. They were taken care of very easily.

It did not take much time to shift to the city to pursue the career that I wished. This city has this tendency of making people fall in love with it. At least in my case it is true. It gives you the feeling of being content yet makes you crave for more! It gives you feeling of safety, yet makes you fall in pits dug everywhere! It makes you dance to the beats of Garba in traditional attire yet seduces you with the labels and makes you jive in New Year party. Oh and yes, it offers you one of the most sophisticated hotels and restaurants yet tempts you to the irresistible street food. When I came to this city – is when I enjoyed myself playing Garba, authetnic Garba. I enjoyed riding the bike in rain for the first time (yes, really!). A long, chilling, early morning winter trip to Pavagadh. Some dinners at Kismat Kathiyawadi on the highway are always to cherish. Taking a dip at wonderful Mahi river with friends! Hanging out with them in city and doing crazy things on lucky long weekends. And such fun goes on.

Whenever I see architecture here, i think about these landmarks that Gaekwadi rule has given to this city. It can be the view of palace from my 10th floor office, Sursagar lake’s scenic beauty at night, the graceful Maharaja Sayajirao University building or beautiful Kirti Mandir. Whenever I pass from Alkapuri main road, two things always grab my attention – the circuit house building and thousands of birds chirping in the trees. Sometimes the melody of birds makes the noise of that busy road fade away, and at that time I involuntarily smile.

In last five years, my life in Vadodara has been a series of experiences. Some memorable, some adorable and some forgettable. Each experience has filled me with a sense of contentment, but yet I crave for more – more of this city, more experiences.